SwiftUI Library

SwiftUI Library

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SwiftUI Component Library

We've rebuilt the most common iOS design components into a library of reusable container views. It's your design, upgraded with responsiveness and animations that match Apple's HIG. It's all one click away with Swift Package Manager. Save weeks of development time - we've wrangled GeometryReader for you. 😉



Swift Package Manager

Every component in our library is a Swift package. All you have to do to get started is copy the Github repo link, select File > Add Package in Xcode, and paste the link. You're ready to go. Enjoy automatic updates from then on.

Your View, not Ours

Have you ever tried to use an iOS UI repo? They're usually full of huge config models that let you tweak padding, colors, and shapes. It's tedious.

We wanted to do something different. And thanks to SwiftUI and opaque types, we can be very different.

Our library focuses on container views, rather than pre-made components (sure, we plan to offer pre-made components, but they're just built on our reusable containers). This lets you take that custom, on-brand view and supercharge it with new abilities.

That onboarding HStack carousel you made? It looks awesome. But if you want it to snap to the center of the screen on scroll, that's going to eat a few hours of your time (or more). Instead of hunting down a pre-made solution and adopting its style, you can just plop your existing view into our HStackSnap. Same goes for our other container views.

It's your app. Your style. With a little extra kick from our library.

Growing Library

If you'd like to get a sneak peak or sign up for future components, we're running a pre-sale. You can check that out here.